Custom Peptide Synthesis

The expert staff behind RS Synthesis ensures that only the best methods, and highest quality custom peptides are provided to our customers.

With the aid of cutting edge custom peptide synthesis equipment, and optimized synthesis procedures, peptides ranging between a few mg to several kilograms are available to our customers. Stringent quality control ensures consistent, repeatable results. A Certificate of Analysis, HPLC, and Mass spec data accompany each peptide to confirm both purity and identity.

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Peptide Manufacturing

As time passes, the research and development of peptides have become an ever increasing integral part of the life sciences. Our goal at RS Synthesis is provide the highest quality peptides to ensure the success of your research.

Just some of these R&D areas include:

1. To authenticate the construction of naturally occurring peptides as shown by degradation techniques.
2. To observe the connection between structure and activity of biologically active protein and peptides and establish their molecular mechanisms.
3. To synthesize peptides that are of medical importance such as hormones and vaccines.
4. To develop new peptide-based immunogens

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Peptide Synthesis Service

RS Synthesis offers a wide range of peptide synthesis services to researchers that enable them to achieve positive results in their research projects. Through our manufacturing and development of peptides, we strive to provide a range of unique services that are not only high quality, but beneficial for our customers such as in the development of antibodies, substrates, and probing protein-protein interactions. Our synthesis services are cost effective through our efficiency and knowledge, ensuring only the highest quality available.

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Synthetic Peptide Synthesis

With the synthesis of every peptide being a great challenge, over the years, our team at RS Synthesis has achieved great knowhow in the field by research and development. A convenient approach to the versatile world of synthetic peptide synthesis, development of synthetic peptide synthesis is an important tool in today’s world.

At RS Synthesis we realize the important role synthetic peptide synthesis plays in the procedure of drug discovery and proteomic research, and we assure our consumers nothing but the most comprehensive service, support, and solutions in the market.

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