The expert staff behind RS Synthesis ensures that only the best methods, and highest quality custom peptides are provided to our customers.

With the aid of cutting edge custom peptide synthesis equipment, and optimized synthesis procedures, peptides ranging between a few mg to several kilograms are available to our customers. Stringent quality control ensures consistent, repeatable results. A Certificate of Analysis, HPLC, and Mass spec data accompany each peptide to confirm both purity and identity.

Upon your quote request and/or order, our peptide chemists analyze each sequence to determine the best method for synthesis ensuring the highest level of success. Post synthesis technical support upon delivery is also available at all times to our customers, including areas such as reconstitution and storage support.

Often, peptide sequences can be very difficult to synthesize, but with our state-of-the-art techniques, our peptide chemists can make the necessary changes to the synthesis in order to promote high yields upon both crude synthesis and purification.

We provide wide ranges and flexible options, including:

Sequence lengths of 2 – 100 amino acids
Technical analysis including stability, hydrophobicity, aggregation, & design
Crude in 1-2 weeks, Purified in 2-4 weeks, RUSH available
Over 100 modifications available
>99% Success rate
Library Synthesis – flexible high-throughput capabilities
1mg to multi-KG quantities
GMP/GLP grade available (see GMP Peptides)

Wide Purity Range:

Crude to 80% – lead generation; polyclonal antibodies; high-throughput screening
>80% – tissue culture; ligand for affinity purification; antibody blocking experiments
>90% – in vivo studies; bioassays; markers for electrophoresis; monoclonal antibodies
>95%- ELISA; RIA; enzyme substrate; in-vitro studies
>98% – NMR; chromatography standards

Each peptide supplied lyophilized with:

• CoA
• Reverse-phase HPLC to confirm purity
• MALDI-ToF Mass Spec to confirm identity
• Peptide content by Nitrogen analysis upon request
• Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) available upon request
• Fedex overnight delivery
• Free cold pack shipping

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