Custom peptide synthesis

RS Synthesis provides high quality, custom peptide synthesis at all scales, from milligrams (mg) to multi-kilograms (kg).

A Certificate of Analysis, HPLC, and Mass spec data accompany each custom peptide synthesis order to confirm purity and identity. Outstanding yields for quantity and purity are achieved using the latest Fmoc-solid phase synthesis technologies, which allow for quick delivery.

Synthetic peptide synthesis


Specifications and Capabilities:

  • Sequence lengths of 2 – 100 amino acids
  • 1mg to multi-KG quantities
  • TFA, HCL, or Acetate salt (counter-ion) options
  • Over 100 modifications available(see peptide modifications)
  • Library Synthesis – flexible high-throughput capabilities
  • Crude in 1-2 weeks, Purified in 2-4 weeks, RUSH available
  • GMP/GLP grade available(see GMP Peptides)
  • Technical support including reconstitution methods
  • Crude, Desalt, and 70% to >98% purity
  • Overnight shipping w/cold packs


General Purity Guidelines:

  • Crude to 80% – lead generation; polyclonal antibodies; high-throughput screening
  • >80% – tissue culture; ligand for affinity purification; antibody blocking experiments
  • >90% – in vivo studies; bioassays; markers for electrophoresis; monoclonal antibodies
  • >95% – ELISA; RIA; enzyme substrate; in-vitro studies
  • >98% – NMR; chromatography standards


Typical Applications for Custom peptides:

  • Biological effect measurements
  • Antibody production (Polyclonal and Monoclonal)
  • Receptor characterization
  • Protease assays
  • Receptor-ligand interactions
  • Epitope mapping
  • Mass spec standard development and studies
  • ELISA standards
  • Protein function-structure analysis

Synthetic peptide synthesisPeptide Pricing Estimator

Proven Results.

“Thanks again for your great custom peptide synthesis.” – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

“The last batch of PLP 139-151 peptide was excellent.” – Harvard University

“We have immunized rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, rats, and mice with RS Synthesis peptides, and have been extremely happy with the resulting peptides that I have ordered.” – Antibodies Inc.

Additional custom peptide synthesis services, such as peptide content reporting, and aliquoting, can be provided.

RS Synthesis maintains strict quality control adherence at industry leading prices.  Custom peptide synthesis prices start as low as < $5/residue.

100% Quality Guarantee for every custom peptide synthesis purchase.

Receive $50 OFF your next order! Simply refer a colleague, or send us a copy of your recently published work referencing RS Synthesis.

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