RS Synthesis offers a wide range of peptide synthesis services to researchers that enable them to achieve positive results in their research projects. Through our manufacturing and development of peptides, we strive to provide a range of unique services that are not only high quality, but beneficial for our customers such as in the development of antibodies, substrates, and probing protein-protein interactions. Our synthesis services are cost effective through our efficiency and knowledge, ensuring only the highest quality available.

Starting from a few mg to multi-kilograms, our customers can choose between several purity grades:

Crude to 80% – lead generation, polyclonal antibodies, high throughput screening
80% – tissue culture, ligand for affinity purification, antibody blocking experiments
90% – in vivo studies, bioassays, markers for electrophoresis
95% – ELISA, RIA, in vitro studies, enzyme substrate
98% – NMR, chromatography studies, mass spec standards

Utilizing both solid phase and solution phase synthesis, we routinely synthesize peptides with lengths over 80 amino acids with high yields, thus lowering costs.
With a success rate of over 99%, we can handle even the most difficult sequences. State-of-the-art facilities & equipment allowing solid and solution phase chemistry, powerful analytical tools, and countless years of laboratory experience are behind RS Synthesis. This undoubtedly ensures high quality, prompt delivery, and consistent results.

We also offer peptide libraries both small and large are easily synthesized. Perfect for:

  • Epitope mapping studies
  • Vaccine research
  • HT protein-protein interaction analysis
  • Customized peptide microarray production
  • Kinase assays
  • Novel drug stucture studies

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