With the synthesis of every peptide being a great challenge, over the years, our team at RS Synthesis has achieved great knowhow in the field by research and development. A convenient approach to the versatile world of synthetic peptide synthesis, development of synthetic peptide synthesis is an important tool in today’s world.

At RS Synthesis we realize the important role synthetic peptide synthesis plays in the procedure of drug discovery and proteomic research, and we assure our consumers nothing but the most comprehensive service, support, and solutions in the market.

Specializing in small scale and large scale processes which range from a few mg to several kilo grams, we assure you that we can provide and support your custom needs for even the most complex peptides. The exceptional quality of our peptides have received testimonials from satisfied customers from all across the world.

Not only do we formulate solutions for research and development, we also offer solutions for any specific requirement our customers have. While we have no limit a minimum amount, we ensure that Milligram (mg), Gram (g), Kilogram (kg), and Full Commercialization (multi-kg to ton) quantities are available for Cosmetic Peptides, both Solution and Powder forms. At RS Synthesis, we ensure that we fulfil the most demanding and challenging specifications that our customers require our help with. By manufacturing synthetic peptides, we not only adhere to strict industry guidelines that ensure our success as well as purity in the solutions that we offer our customers.

In today’s world, the synthetic peptide synthesis provided by us has a large number of benefits. While we take pride in having the knowhow and the tools to produce peptides that are found in biological specimens, we do not shy away from testing our strengths and limitations and including various creative procedures to better our strategies.

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